About Us


To produce superior, predictable genetics with a commercial focus, resulting in a more efficient, profitable production system for each of our clients, with a dedication to providing quality advice and support year round.



Waitara Angus stud was founded in 1995, confidently growing to a 170 stud cow operation through careful selection of females from various studs, and by using embryo transfer and artificial insemination.

In 2003 Waitara bought the entire Arisaig Angus stud from Jack and Margaret Woodburn of Forbes, bolstering the already strong Waitara herd with some magnificent females.  Since then we have continued to purchase select females here and there that fit our herd and the high standards we aspire to.

The cattle are run under commercial conditions in order to identify individuals that are truly performing, with low performers routinely culled. The stud operation is complimented by our 350 cow commercial breeding herd where we produce replacement females and feeder steers targeting the long-fed market.



1. Fertile, easy calving females (that calve at two years old and every year after)
2. High growth rates whilst maintaining softness
3. A balance of desirable carcass attributes
4. Structural soundness for maximum longevity
5. Balanced EBVs

To achieve a balanced approach to breeding, we have utilised all selection tools available, including Breedplan, pedigree information, and phenotype. Every cow is artificially inseminated, and our breeding program uses the best genetics available from Australia and overseas.



In order to gain a better idea of how our cattle are performing we use a wide range of performance measurement tools. Calves are weighed at birth, weaning, as yearlings and as 600 day and mature cows. Cattle are scanned for fat, eye muscle area, and marbling (IMF) with bulls also measured for scrotal circumference. Calves are also assessed for temperament at weaning.  Our spring calving period (as opposed to all year calving) allows for large contemporary groups across 5 or 6 sires, and with ALL data (not just the tops) sent to Breedplan for assessment we can be sure of the most accurate figures possible on our cattle.  We believe that performance recording combined with phenotype and fertility assessment enables more accurate selection of superior animals, allowing us to offer our clients a better product.



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